Awesome Magniflex comfort

The Magniflex secret of success lies in using the latest technologies and innovative approaches.

This results in products that combine the latest materials and craftsmanship Italian design, which gives people complete rest and improves their quality of life.

In addition, Magniflex actively contributes to the conservation of the planet using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

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Overwhelmed by our daily activities

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our daily activities and we would like some time to be closer to the nature and the tranquility that it offers.

You can bring a touch of serenity in your decor with paintings and pillowcases illustrated with pictures, which you transmit a state of calm mood and bring a piece of nature in your home.

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Awesome Restful sleep

We wish you an easy sleep as a flake, only restful nights and energy for the early mornings!

Therefore we prepared this collection of bed linens, pillows and mattress covers, created from high quality materials, with antibacterial protection, that focus on comfort, health and rest.

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Awesome Domoclip household appliances

With 20 years of experience, Domoclip is a French brand that offers a full range of modern appliances and functional accessories for your house.

The Domoclip products are distinguished by innovation and advanced technology, through high quality materials and elegant design. Domoclip complies with European standards for safety and quality guarantees. Change your life with Domoclip!

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Awesome carpets are washable

Established in 2000, the brand AraTextil currently has a catalog specializes in products designed for cheerful and colorful children\’s room.

Over time, the Spanish brand in the world stated decorative textiles for home due to the exclusivity of the extraordinary quality of products and materials.

The carpets are washable, made from 100% cotton of highest quality which keeps its color and delicate texture after many washes.

Discover a innocent universe assorted with pleasant colors, lights that tells you stories and carpets with playful motifs.

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Awesome favorite characters await

Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, The Smurfs and many other favorite characters await the children! Toys, photo frames and clocks are perfect for children\’s room decor, creating a cheerful atmosphere and in the mood for playing.

Not even at meal, the children are not alone, the colored friends are playfull and funny in the kitchen. Give to your child a wonderland, inspire yourself from our collection!

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